Swallow his cum – sissy humiliation joi


Ever wanted to taste cum? Of course you want. However, you haven’t been with another man and you are not sissy enough to go out there and suck cock. In this case only way you can taste and swallow cum is when you cum in your mouth. But you lose the appetite after an orgasm. So, How to cum in your mouth? Watch this JOI video from beginning to end. It will get you so horny that the only thing you want is having cum on your lips and over your face. At this stage follow these steps:
1. Go on your back on soft surface
2. Legs over head and jerk still you cum on your face. Try to catch as much as possible in your mouth.

PS! To become a sissy you must always be shaved and wear Panties and Bra!
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Date: April 25, 2017

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