Sissy Subversion vol. 1: Good Manners


Fun feminization video. Please watch it with caution. If you do not wish to lose attraction toward girls, skip it. Otherwise it may be very fun to watch. Focus your eyes on girls face when girl is on the screen and do not touch yourself, only when given permission. Its little bit long, but will you go all the way? Let me know =)

Date: May 14, 2015

4 thoughts on “Sissy Subversion vol. 1: Good Manners

  1. Thanks so much for this great video… Finally I found something completely different from all that usual stuff we can find everywhere… I truly appreciated many things, such as the voice that girl commenting the pictures, the very sensual pictures, or the slow (but so perfect) timing for changing them, and finally the crescendo in pictures.
    I’ve watched the movie till the end, and watched again and again, not touching myself… In the evening, I tried to make love with wife, but kept focusing on the video in my mind. I could proudly stay limp and girly, except when starting thinking about cock, as in the movie.
    I hope you will have soon volume 2, 3 and even more… I ‘d like to make a similar movie and submit to you, but I have no girl to comment on the pcitures :-(

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