Relax – Sissy mindfuck


Wonderful images of lustful cocks. Pictures of cocks satisfy you, calm you down. When did you last dream about cocks in your sleep? Watch this before going to sleep. Do not wank yourself, let the desire grow and grow and then go to sleep while your imagination has filled with cocks:
What would you do to a nice cock?
Where do you want his cock?
Who is he who would make your feel girly on your knees? A friend? A stranger?
Answere this questions and ask more while falling a sleep.
Hope you will have good dreams tonight.
Muah :*

Date: January 17, 2016

7 thoughts on “Relax – Sissy mindfuck

  1. I want to be the real life slave of a hung white master l. I mean the true 24 hr till I die. Doing anything and everything my superior master wants cooking cleaning etc deposit throating gagging etc swallow no reals because I’m owned thank u so much for the videos they helped guide me on my path to being the sluttiest bimbo sissy ever my goal is to be fully transformed in two years in the meantime I will let all the white hung cocks I can fuck me and breed me

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