Permanent sissification


Long feminization with robotic female voices. If you really try to relax and let her words inside your head then you will slowly lose your attraction towards woman and see them as rolemodels. Becoming more feminine, always needing to be dressed in female cloths, always looking for men attention. Becoming female!

Date: August 2, 2015

5 thoughts on “Permanent sissification

  1. Great video; I now turned to cocks cocks cocks; COCK is in my life, I always think of COCK; I worship it, I kneel in front of It: I prey cock before sucking, because It is my ONLY GOD

  2. Lol. Let’s just see how weak and fruitless this sissy hypno stuff..s…stu.. ssStuff this virgin sissy boi pussy to its maximum limits, as I take my last breath of self conscious decency and exchange it willingly with a wicked intention to become the most shocking
    sissified cum seeker of all time. Hahhh.

    1. I have been earning my queen of spades tattoo so that all BBC swill know I will make my
      Slutty sissy holes available only to BBC all they need to do is ask me to get knees
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