Deeply feminizing hypno video


Dim your lighting. Take a seat and put your headphones on. This is highly feminizing hypnosis video. To get full benefit out of this video you must relax and listen her seductive voice, she will put you in trans with using her words and a music as background. This will change your reality and sexuality more feminine

Date: February 9, 2015

26 thoughts on “Deeply feminizing hypno video

  1. Seems Jehovah himself has stood between me and feminization and i despise him for it yes God is Sovereign but in his sovereignty he denies me my deepist SiSSy desires

    1. tklingenberg!
      no way can any man be forced into becoming a girl a bimbo fuck toy girl
      I like too see them try to make me into one lets face it women or
      girls are good for 3 things bitching baby making fucking mostly fucking I have thought of being one of those girls but being turned into a girl at my age I must become a fuck puppet that all I be good for soTHANK GOD I CANNOT BE TURNED INTO A GIRL

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      To be utterly feminine with full succulent tits thas part of our my lovers can drench with hot creamy cum.
      Shemales would be also most welcome
      love HELEN

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