Best cum eating hypno for sissies – DeepSlutPuppy 6


Hot video by DeepSlutPuppy that will make you orgasm and make you eat your own cum and make you a cum whore for life!! Warning: You will be addicted to cum and there is no going back.

Requirements: Have a cup of cum ready before starting this video!

Date: June 27, 2016
Stars: DeepSlutPuppy

8 thoughts on “Best cum eating hypno for sissies – DeepSlutPuppy 6

  1. Hypnos, it’s like one can’t get enuf. They destroy me, in doo many incredible ways. Its like one can’t help but love house one feels.

  2. I’m a virgin looking for my king to take me into woman hood I’ll preform in anyway he wants me I’m game I’ll be your queen an slut in the bedroom I love to dress super stylish and sexy so I can get your cock in me an your super hard I would love my king daddy to make me into his dream woman I’d love to get implants that are his dream breast’s I’ll do hormones lips nose butt to his liking I want my king daddy to be pleased at all times as long as I get your cock an seeds in me ill be a happy girl an I love heels soon sexy an I can imagine how great sex is in them fmp for no reason!!! I hope my king has a desk at work so I can drop in on all fours an give him a bj that I’ll suck u dry on surprise an I would love to wake my king up by a nice warm mouth an juicy lips around his cock ready for a huge load in my mouth or a nice sloppy facial so hot then I’ll cook breakfast for my king as I get ready for you to arrive back home in a cute sexy dress or maybe just heels an a long coat anready for your stress relief great bj as you come in the door or just grab my hair bend me over an dominate me so hot to be controlled by a real man!! I’m so ready for this to come true ???????? you can contact me st [email protected] Waiting for my king

    1. I will be a good sweet cumbunny for the bbc and I will have to wear sexy.lingerie to show respect to any black cock that you present to the sweet submissive slave slurping cute craving cum loving lusting lover of the bbc mark schrader

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