Hypnosis doesn’t work for you


Diffrent kind of hyponsosis video, it is meant for those who cannot feel relaxed and hypnosis not fully working for them. Everything is kinda reverse, her voice tells you “not to…”, but you know what happens when things are denied for you – You want it even more. I urge you to watch it from the beginning to end, your transformation to top will be much easier! Enjoy my sissies, and leave a comment whether it worked for you :)

Date: February 4, 2015


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10 thoughts on “Hypnosis doesn’t work for you

    1. I will do anything you want as long as u have a big fat cock and u dress me up like the little fucking sissy faggot I am. I am a boi. And I want gay dick or tranny/ shemale dick

  1. I so often wonder where my life is headed at times. Not sure how or why Hypnos Jack me up the way they do, but definitely do that’s for sure

  2. If you believe hypnosis is daydreaming than I can assure you you do not know what hypnosis is. If hypnosis really is just day dreaming than make yourself truly have the experience of being absolutely and totally stuck to your chair right now.

  3. This is destructive, this is lack of discipline. A society that embraces any temptation so long as “it doesn’t hurt anyone”. A mentality that is melding long held truths and lies to a point where we as human beings are losing our ability to distinguish right from wrong. I’m just like you, no better, no worse, none of us have all the answer but can’t we still fight? I’m tired of waiting until tomorrow, This is one of the many things I’m ashamed of.many things in my life including masturbating to this video. If I were oversimplify It all boils down to one question. Is pushing the wnvelopp and exploring the taboo more powerful, or is having the self control to not imagine and subsequently pursue those very same taboos. I’m not a great writer but I hope you understood the gist of this little rant. I honestly don’t think it’s too late for any of us, we can all stop going down this path of destruction. I wish you all the best..

    God bless you

    1. If You Are Hurt Or Not Good With What You Find On The Inter~Web Burn Your Computer And Your Soul & Slither Back To Your Good Book Of Lies !

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