Declare your sissy identity


Short but very insperational sissy hypnosis. Her voice is like one of those motivational speakers. She will make you feel so special and needed if you declare your sissy identity, really try to relax and think yourself as a girl, with fully feminized body and mind for 2 minutes – tell out loud what she asks you to tell, it will be worth it. Enjoy my sissies! :)

Date: February 14, 2015


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15 thoughts on “Declare your sissy identity

    1. I’m so happy to be watching these videos and learning new things it’s been a blast. And so far so good ladies

  1. Whew!! So hot!! Wish it were me getting cock!!! But I promised I wouldn’t for 7 days. How many more hours of torture?!

  2. link seems to be broken since yesterday for me. Saying “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

    1. My wif complained that I did not want sex very often & when I did want it I got off quickly and never satisfied her. Then she caught me masturbating. That’s when my life changed. She was so angry she insisted I be locked in chastity so I could not masturbate, She took over our sex life and found a well hung black man to take care of her needs. I was forced to wear panties, do the housework etc in order to be allowed to beat off into the toilet. She took control of our finances and all decisions. Sold my BMW & bought a well used Toyota Corrolla for me. She told my female admin asst. at work so I would be obedient at work too. I have no choice but to accept all this.

  3. Not sure I’m strong enough to keep withstanding these teasers… but I’ve committed to the challenge and I want to be a good girl xxx

  4. I am going to be with my first man Friday night he is black keep thinking about how big he is never touçhed a co k before. He says he wants me to tie my sissy cljt with sóme string and pull it back between.l.y legs and the it around my waste also wants me to puta tampon in. As I get on my k nees can’t wait to look him in his eyes as I put the head of his cock in my mohtb

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