A Sissy Needs


Everybody has needs. Sissy needs are very simple and straightforward.
1. Attention – Sissy applies make-up, buys the sexiest lingerie to look sluttiest and sexiest doll-girl, she does everything to be noticed by boys and envied by girls
2. Punishment – She needs a dominant man in her life to take charge of her obedient mindset.
3. Anal – Since doll-girls have little penises instead of a loose pussy then she is more than willing to offer her tight shaved butt for pounding. Sissy needs to be filled with cocks constatly to avoid stress.
4. Cum eating – It’s something that sissy might not like at first but sissy needs it for nutrition and to keep her skin beautiful and feminine.

What are your needs as a sissy?

Date: August 24, 2015

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