Sissy cuckold training


Becoming attracted to cock -> being cuckolded -> being sissified -> Becoming sissy. It’s good to be cuckold because you start to appreciate the mixed taste of pussy and cum. Eventually you are so comfortable with the taste that most wouldnt mind to eat cum after you have an orgasm and swallow it without gagging and without regret. From there on out the progress of sissyhood will be at lightspeed =)

Date: May 9, 2015

2 thoughts on “Sissy cuckold training

  1. My hot wife I have always wanted me to service men she simply started by putting fingers in my ass.which she now calls my pussy she would tell me to imagine it was a hot sexy man stretching me I did this immiediatly caused me to desire to have men use come .ingrocery stores she would ask me which guy I thought was the hottest and what pleasures i would give him. And If i would spread for her teenage sons and let them own me . the answer was always yes.her youger son 18 came home with about you20 friends playing xbox, which one would l love to please and crawl to while he played video games..she always had me fantasize about men and letting them use me . she would pound me so hard with a strap on in the window so every one in the apartment complex could see and hear.constantly telling me to work on my feminine voice when I I totally sound like a real woman. I am only allowed to wear women’s clothing and lingerie.even when her son’s friends and her friends and family come over. and she started talking to the nieghbors on both sides and accross the street telling them that she is training me to become a submissive sissy cuckold in lingerie and the nieghbors fuck me on a regular and so does her son’s friends. I just love it and need to spread for men. I love being fucked like a bitch and pushed down to my knees even in public . I love this lifestyle and desire just now getting feminine body and she has another new bull. Im glad I found this website and hope to learn more about pleasing men.

  2. I would love to find a woman to do that to me I’d be the best sissy around everybody be lined up to fuck me and broke me

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