Mistress T cuckolds you


Little bit different video this time. For those who enjoy little cuckolding and forced bi, cocksucking and cum eating :) Mistress T is faboulous as she lets you watch her boyfriend fuck her. Ofcourse you must go on your knees and catch every drop of his cum as Mistress jerks it in your face at the end. Top of all you must suck his cock clean. Its always easier to suck cock and eat cum when you are forced. Enjoy it ! =]

Date: April 24, 2015

5 thoughts on “Mistress T cuckolds you

  1. Hi my wife and i are! Dont want to say struggling ive become a cuckold my cock is small. An my wife doesnt mind but i want her to take bigger. Weve talked an talked it comes down to her not wanting it. Which is okay i dont force in apon her. My major problem an idk if its much of a problem is my curiosities. The more searching i do the more i get interested. Ive want chastity belts on an such. Now i feel like sometimes becoming a sissy is what i want to have a huge cock in my hands. But also pussy makes me really hot too. I guess my question is how do i find what i truly want and how do i tell my wife

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