Lily DeMure: Innocent CD fucked and swallows


Beautiful Lily DeMure knows how to make herself look pretty with makeup and her female cloths. Really sexy little femboy. Lily DeMure definately needs her man to fuck her and feed her his cum and she’s not afraid to say it out loud. Lily is so pretty that no man can be considered gay when he wants to fuck her. Every femboy can make herself look as girly ;)
Inspirational for all the sissies over the world

Date: September 7, 2015

6 thoughts on “Lily DeMure: Innocent CD fucked and swallows

  1. Those eyes ! And that pouty little mouth. But “innocent” ? Lol. But out of curiousity, what is with the pink around her asshole and balls ? It it natural pigmentation or some kind of hair removal or bleaching agent ?

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