Ashley’s Good-Bye Kiss by PrincessDickLover

Best story I’ve read for ages. I really like it and wanted to share it here.

Erick walked through the front door into an empty house… again. “Sasha must be out late with her girlfriends,” he lied to himself for the third time this week. He and Sasha had been together almost five months now and after the second month, she started spending all her time with her “friends”. Erick was already suspicious of her since he knew most of her so called friends were guys she either knew from before they met or her girlfriends introduced her to. He knew for sure when he noticed she was always dropped off by a different guy every time she came home late. Sasha also became increasingly aggressive, always telling Erick how much less of a man he was the more she got to know him.

Erick always thought he looked a little feminine, but Sasha’s harsh words began to eat away at him. Her calling him less of a man made him feel even more like a girl. It hurt him at first, but Erick slowly began to adjust to the idea, so much so that he started to picture what it would be like. On one of the nights he found himself alone, he decided to try on a pair of her panties, just too see how it felt. As he slid them on (rather easily he found) the soft cotton hugged him gently and he couldn’t deny that they felt good, and the figure in the mirror didn’t look half bad either. Although his ass was a little hairy, it filled in the shorts nicely; even the bulge in the panties looked naturally sexy.

Since that moment, Erick began to question his sexuality. He began searching the web and found “sissies” and began to wonder if he himself might be a sissy. Just for fun he started watching some of the hypnosis videos. Erick never really thought he might be bi, but the cocks in the videos didn’t look so bad. Soon he began dreaming about them, wanting them for real. On more than one occasion he stayed up late into the night watching video after video and jacking off, he even began drinking his own cum and found the taste an amazing salty-sweet. Sasha almost caught him a few times, but Ashley (as Erick began thinking of himself) was always careful to never be caught. Oblivious Sasha kept bitching at Erick, telling him how little he was and if she wanted to, she could have any other man she wanted (not that she didn’t already).

On a particular Saturday night, Sasha came home drunk and mean. “You shouldn’t be surprised if I ever decide to leave a pathetic excuse like you,” she told him. “It’s no wonder I always go partying with my friends, just look at you. You never do anything! One day you’ll wake up and wish I was still with you Erick.”

“I’d love to spend more time with you Sasha, but you never want to be with me…” Erick truly meant that, he did want to spend time with Sasha, he did fall for her once after all even though he questioned why now. “Whenever we went out together, you always left me to talk to your friends or someone you had met. You even left me standing at the bar while you danced with another guy!”
“Well maybe if you were more of a man, I wouldn’t have to keep myself entertained. Besides, I’m just having fun. If you can’t deal with it, then you better learn to be man enough to at least break up with me, otherwise I’ll just keep having my fun!” Sasha said as she stumbled back into the bedroom and passed out.

Or maybe I should be girl enough to break up with you, Ashley thought. The next morning Ashley woke up alone with a note from Sasha saying she’d be back late again tonight. Ashley had made several supportive friends online and all of them agreed that it was time for her to leave the bitch. Ashley spent the rest of the morning preparing for a plan that she had been thinking about for weeks. She painted her nails, shaved her body smooth, and took forever applying her make-up perfectly. Then for the next few hours, Ashley played detective, hunting the guys Sasha had been spending most of her time with. All of Ashley’s girlfriends online were so excited for Ashley, and that made her even more excited! Ashley dressed up as sexy as she could, while wearing as little as possible: long knee-high socks, a short rainbow miniskirt, and a pair of lacey, pink panties. Now that everything was set, she just had to wait for Sasha to come back.

The second Sasha walked through the door, she began to hear moans coming from the bedroom and in a fit of jealousy ran to see who that pathetic Erick was cheating on her with! She was aghast at the sight she saw: there was Erick, or at least it looked like Erick, getting pounded in the ass by a guy she went dancing with just a few days before!

“Oh, hi Sasha! I was wondering when you’d get back!” Erick gasped between moans.
“Erick? Is that you? What are you doing with Tim!?”
“Please call me Ashley, Baby. Tim and I are just having some ‘fun’!”
“Erick, I mean Ashley, what the hell is going on here!?” Sasha said breathlessly and wide-eyed as Derick, another guy she knew well, appeared from the bathroom and began receiving an eager blow-job from Ashley.
“Why are you so surprised? You always said I wasn’t much of a man, so I decided to become a girl, who knew I’d be so good at it!?” Ashley giggled between slurps of cock. “Oh, and by the way Sweetie, we’re over. In fact, I think you’re nights out with these guys are over too, they seem to like me much more!”
“Sorry Sasha, she’s right, her mouth is amazing!” sighed Derick.
“And she lets me take her in the ass, you wouldn’t do that no matter how drunk I got you,” Tim said while still pounding Ashley.

Sasha began to cry. She never expected this to happen, never in a thousand years. She always thought she was going to be the one to leave Erick; she was always the one who left the guy… But Ashley wasn’t part of her plans. She even got two of her best studs at the same time! Sasha hadn’t even had that yet!

“I wouldn’t mind one last kiss good-bye though,” Ashley said with a twisted smile. Tim pulled Ashley hard onto him as he grunted loud, a sign Ashley was waiting for. “That is, as long as you kiss my cum filled butt good-bye!” Ashley giggled and turned around while Tim grabbed Sasha and rubbed her face into Ashley’s cum dripping ass. Sasha began sobbing hard as her face was forced into Ashley’s butt, which made Ashley moan and take Derick’s cock all the way down her throat. Ashley came right then and there with Derick’s dick spurting in her mouth and her ex’s face in her ass. Sasha ran wailing out of the house as Ashley giggled and cackled, wriggling her butt down on Derick’s cock. It was the best night of Ashley’s new life!

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