Becoming hotwife hypno


This hotwife hypno is little bit different and main audience are couples or women who are still discovering new fantasies/fetishes.
You are man/boy/sissy and want to be cuckolded? Watch it to make sure, if you’re sure, watch it with your wifey/gf.
You are woman and not familiar with hotwife cuckolding fetish? Watch it and see if you like it.

Remember, it just a fetish like any other. Before trying it for your first time I recommend writing an agreement letter. In agreement letter write your rules (both male and female can write their own rules). Both sides sign your agreement letter, if you agree with the rules. It gives your boundaries and it also adds extra spice to the fetish.
You may write me with your progress or if you need any guidance: [email protected].

Date: September 1, 2015

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