Two crossdressers hooking up

I hope you enjoy this one sissies :)

I had stopped at the adult bookstore on the way home and picked up the latest copy of the adult
phone directory. When I arrived home, I took a long, hot shower and put on one of my sexy little
teddies, grabbed a beer and sat back in my recliner thumbing through the new directory. I came
across several couples ads and several single guy’s that had also placed an ad. I relaxed for a few
minutes, put on a hot lesbian porno and drank three or four beers. I decided to make a few calls to
see if this directory was legit or just a bunch of disconnected numbers.
The first number I called was to a guy named Mike and to my surprise, he actually answered the
phone. I introduced myself and told him I was calling about his ad. He was very friendly and asked
me what I wanted to know about him. After several minutes of exchanging information about
ourselves and or likes, I found he also loved to crossdress. He also told me he only lived
approximately twenty minutes from my home. He asked if he could come over and have a beer with
me and I agreed. I was very nervous about meeting Mike for the first time but more excited than
When Mike arrived, I was extremely pleased and even more excited as my nerves calmed down
greatly. Standing before me at the door was a very good looking, toned body and very hot young
stud. He was carrying some beer and a small bag and I opened the door and invited him inside. I took
his beer to the refrigerator and came back to get better acquainted. Of course, I had left the porno
playing and Mike had relaxed on the couch drinking his beer. I sat down next to him and we talked
about some of our crossdressing experiences and what we both had in common. I finally asked him if
he had brought an outfit that he would like to change into that would make him more comfortable and
he had.
When Mike finally walked out of the bathroom in his sexy lingerie, I knew that I was in for a treat and
I couldn’t wait. While he was changing, I had slipped on a pair of black lace stockings, five inch
platform heels and applied some make up. We sat back on the couch and began a long, passionate
kiss as our hands began to explore each others soft and sexy bodies. I worked my hand in between
his thighs and felt his semi erect cock for the first time.
As our mouths locked together and our tongues entwined, I could feel Mikes whole body as it gently
trembled with excitement. I slid my hand inside his pantie and felt the bare flesh of his cock grow as
my hand rubbed his shaft. Mike returned the favor and was now rubbing my cock as well. He pulled
away from my lips and asked me if I would sixty nine with him. I moaned with pleasure and laid him
back on the couch, and straddled his face before leaning forward with my head between his sexy
thighs. My mouth was pressing against his now hard cock and I could feel his wet precum as my lips
found the head of his beautiful cock. My tongue began to lick the drops of precum from his cock and it
soon became a steady flow of wet, tasty nectar. I took his cock inside my mouth and slid it as deep as
I could down my throat. Mike was getting his tongue covered in precum as well as my cock was
flowing and hard as a rock.
We both were trembling with sexual excitement and Mike was driving me crazy as he gently sucked
my stiff cock. I was finally able to work his entire shaft down my throat and my tongue licked his shaft
as I continued to tasted the salty flavor of his precum. I also knew that Mike was savoring the taste of
my own precum as I was horny as hell and I knew how wet I got in this state of sexual excitement. As
good as his precum was, I couldn’t wait to get my mouth and tongue covered with his cum.
My arms were wrapped around Mikes stocking clad legs as my soft lips worked his hard cock in and
out of my mouth. At the same time I was working my stiff cock deep in Mikes throat. I finally pulled his
cock out of my wet mouth and slid forward where I could lick his balls. Slowly and gently, I sucked
one, then the other inside my mouth. The feeling of his soft stockings against my face as he held my
head between his thighs was such a turn on as I licked his balls and my hands spread the cheeks of
his hot little ass apart. My tongue slowly left his his balls and slid gently across his puckered little
asshole. I knew that Mike loved this feeling as he raised his hips to give me better access to his tight
hole. I could also feel his cock begin to quiver against the top of my chest.
I could feel Mike spread the cheeks of my ass and soon he was licking my hot fuckhole as well. I was
so fucking horny, I knew I was very close to cumming. I raised up and told Mike that I couldn’t last
much longer and he quickly took my cock back in his mouth. I also took his cock inside my mouth just
as I felt the build up of my own orgasm. I had no idea if Mike wanted me to cum in his mouth so I felt I
needed to let him know I was going to cum. He never missed a stroke and I could not hold back as
my cock began shooting steam after stream of hot cum in his mouth. He held my cock inside his
mouth and drained it of every drop of cum. At the same time I felt his cock begin to get very hard and
stiff in my mouth and I knew he was about to fill my mouth and I couldn’t wait. I tightened my lips
around his cock as I felt the first contraction of his orgasm. Mike still had my wet cock in his mouth
and he let out a loud moan as I felt the first stream of cum cover my tongue followed by five or six
more streams, filling my mouth with cock and cum.
I could not believe how good his cum tasted as I savored both his softening cock and his cum. I
continued sucking his cock trying to extract every single drop of his tasty cum before I gently rolled off
the couch and we once again locked our lips together in a passionate kiss. When our lips finally
parted, I got us both another beer, we smoked a joint and Mike left for the night. We made a promise
that we would hook up again very soon for another night of dressing sexy and sucking cock together.

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